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Kundelungu, DRC

Tel: +243990243664
Email: info@kundelunguminessprl.com

Your Responsible Source for Africa's Minerals

Kundelungu Mines, strategically positioned in Africa’s burgeoning mineral industry, plays a pivotal role in driving global industrial growth and fostering economic development. Our unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing, storage, consolidation, transportation, and shipping of metals & mineral resources from Africa positions us as a reliable partner for global processors and major trading houses across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and America.

Kundelungu Mines stands as a leading force with a professional, safe, and disciplined approach, offering a definitive edge and competitive advantage in accessing a diverse portfolio of metals and mineral resources from Africa. With an in-depth understanding of Africa’s rich mineral wealth, we transcend borders, ensuring a sustainable minerals supply chain that empowers African development through responsible mining and strategic investment.

Our commitment extends to providing optimum supply solutions for base metals, concentrates, ores, rare metals, precious metals, and other essential mineral resources from Africa. Leveraging a mix of off-take agreements, joint ventures, forwards, term and spot contracting, and other strategic partnerships with our upstream, midstream, and downstream collaborators across Africa, we ensure a robust supply chain that meets the evolving demands of global markets.

Ensuring Resilience in Metals & Mineral Resource Supply Chain:

At Kundelungu Mines, we embrace a proactive approach, complementing our risk management and financing expertise with unique value-sharing principles. By fostering long-term strategic cooperation with multiple upstream producer partners across Africa, we ensure a continuous and guaranteed product availability throughout the year for our customers worldwide. This approach not only optimizes scalability, flexibility, and efficiency but also enhances the overall sustainability and resilience of the metals and mineral resource supply chain.

Join us at Kundelungu Mines, where our commitment to responsible mining, transparency, and social responsibility fuels our journey towards a greener and more prosperous future, benefiting communities and industries alike. Together, we unlock the boundless potential of Africa’s metals and mineral resources to power global progress and drive a sustainable tomorrow.