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Kundelungu, DRC

Tel: +243990243664

Powering a Sustainable Future

Kundelungu Mines proudly serves as an international supplier for energy commodities and resources. Our commitment lies in readily providing a diverse range of essential energy commodities on a global scale, adhering to precise specifications and required turnaround schedules.

With an unwavering focus on optimizing a strong global logistics interface and physical arbitrage, we strive to advance value-based offerings and foster long-term energy supply partnerships. Our paramount goal is to assist esteemed clients from around the world in acquiring a reliable supply of energy products while delivering the highest level of professional service.

Strategic Supply & Cooperation for Energy Commodities and Resources

At Kundelungu Mines, we place significant emphasis on the global energy sector, aiming to provide energy solutions that drive industrial development and human progress. To realize this vision, we continuously endeavor to establish formidable business cooperation with outstanding partners and clients across the upstream, midstream, and downstream energy value chain.

Our Value Proposition

Our comprehensive engagement in the energy commodities and resources domain encompasses a wide array of services. From commodity origination, strategic sourcing, commercialization, marketing, financial and risk management, trading, shipping, and supply of crude oil, petroleum products, and coal to industrial end-users worldwide, we ensure a seamless flow of energy resources. Additionally, we focus on moving refined petroleum products from industrial plants to destinations across the globe where they are in demand.

Our determination, commitment, and collaborative synergies with partners offering complementary services are intended to provide our clients with superior energy products and exceptional service at competitive terms. With Kundelungu Mines as your energy partner, experience unparalleled support, reliability, and a sustainable approach to shaping a brighter energy future.