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Kundelungu, DRC

Tel: +243990243664
Email: info@kundelunguminessprl.com

Kundelungu Mines, as a global supplier, provides premium copper cathodes from Zambia, Congo, and South Africa, delivering directly to reputable global refiners, smelters, fabricators, and manufacturers worldwide. Our copper materials form the foundation for essential copper products that impact the daily lives of consumers around the globe.

We proudly originate copper from Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with plans to extend our sourcing to Botswana and South Africa.

With our abundant resources, robust infrastructure, and efficient logistics capacity, Kundelungu Mines ensures reliable, competitive, and timely delivery of bulk copper concentrates and copper cathodes from Africa to destinations worldwide.

Strategic Position in the Copper Value Chain

Kundelungu Mines stands as a leading international supplier of copper cathodes from Zambia, Congo, and South Africa. Our extensive market access and unique value addition stem from our proficiency in risk management, financing copper commodity flows, and integrated global logistics. We offer worldwide supply of copper cathodes grade A, with purity ranging from 99.7% to 99.99%, free from foreign materials such as copper sulfate, dirt, grease, and oil. Our long-term supply approach ensures maximized continuity and reasonably priced copper cathodes from Africa for our global clients.

Transparent and Sustainable Copper Trading

Our approach to copper trading is grounded in transparency and sustainability. Simplified processes enable ease of transactions and optimum risk management for our valued partners and clients. Kundelungu Mines engages exclusively in long-term contracts, avoiding spot or speculative transactions.

Alternative Financing Model for Mining Companies

Through offtake and tolling undertakings, we employ an alternative financing model for mining companies, securing long-term access and an uninterrupted supply chain, providing definitive advantages to our customers.

Packaging and Shipment

For packaging and shipment, we securely bundle copper cathode sheets with steel strapping. We offer delivery in bulk or containerized shipments on FOB or CIF basis to global destinations.

Cultivating a Global Symbiotic Portfolio

Kundelungu Mines fosters a global symbiotic portfolio of partners, leveraging our extensive networks and fiscal strengths to capture valuable opportunities for the business of our partners and clients.

Competitive Advantage

By outsourcing your copper cathode procurement to Kundelungu Mines, you mitigate risks and gain synergies through value-added services, ultimately reducing your purchasing costs. Our optimized and streamlined logistics processes are the cornerstone for withstanding cost pressures in copper processing, guaranteeing you long-term, continuous supply, and timely replenishment of copper cathodes from Africa.

With these commitments, Kundelungu Mines aims to support worldwide clients and partners with superior quality copper concentrate and copper cathodes. For all your copper requirements, contact us, at info@kundelunguminessprl.com.