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Diverse Mineral Portfolio

Kundelungu Mines leads with a diverse mineral portfolio—Gold, Cobalt, Diamond, Lithium, and Copper—contributing significantly to the global supply chain and diverse industries.


Empowering Africa's Development

Beyond global mineral supply, Kundelungu Mines champions Africa’s development. Responsible mining, community engagement, and economic growth initiatives create lasting positive impacts for communities and industries.


Global Reach and Impact

Kundelungu Mines serves global demand, supplying minerals worldwide. Esteemed partners and clients in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and beyond benefit from our commitment to excellence, powering industries and fostering growth.


Responsible Mining Practices

Sustainability and environmental stewardship drive Kundelungu Mines’ operations. Advanced technologies and strict safety measures ensure the well-being of our workforce, communities, and the planet.

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At Kundelungu Mines, we offer an integrated strategic platform that encompasses global sourcing, risk management, shipping & logistics, and value-added supply solutions for metals & mineral resources. Our mission is to foster equilibrium between supply and demand, effectively meeting the needs of various industries worldwide.
As a leading global supplier of minerals, we have carved a distinguished path in the exploration and extraction of precious resources, including Gold, Cobalt, Diamond, Lithium, and Copper.
With a team of skilled professionals and experts, Kundelungu Mines demonstrates unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work. Our dedicated workforce and cutting-edge technologies drive our success in meeting global demands for minerals.

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